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Accountability Partner Roles

Periodic Accountability (PA)

        This basically means that the Accountability Partner will check up on the athlete whenever they feel like it… maybe a couple times a month or a couple times a year. All reports, breakdowns and statistics will be saved in the archive, so nothing will be missed.

Task Masters (TM)

        In charge of making sure all weekly and monthly milestones are reached. For example; if an athlete’s goal is to drink 21 glasses of water a week, their Task Master is who they’ll have to answer to if they only drank 17 glasses.

Time Keepers (TK)

        In charge of making sure the athlete submits all their weekly and monthly reports on time. It is the Time Keepers job to make sure they don’t have any late (RED) entries in their archive.

Biggest Critiques (BC)

        In charge of giving thorough and constructive criticism about any issues the athlete is having. Biggest Critiques should be people who will be the first one to call athletes out on their nonsense, while at the same time being the first to praise any of their successes.

Motivators (MO)

        In charge of reminding the athlete about “The Big Picture” and all the future possibilities that are available to them if they stay diligent. There may be a day that they forget why they’re doing what they’re doing… that is when Motivators will remind them of what is waiting at the end of their journey.

Chroniclers (CH)

        Chroniclers communicate with the athlete and other Accountability Partners to get everyone’s perspectives. They will then write out periodic updates about the athlete’s progress, milestones and successes. Updates can be one sentence or one page. The fact that a record is being kept will likely alter how the athlete goes about their daily activities. After a few months (or years) they will begin to truly cherish the ongoing biography being written about their life.

Collaborators (CO)

        Collaborators are people who have goals or milestones they want to be held accountable for. The athlete will be responsible for checking up on their progress from time to time.

Accountability Partners’ main objective is to support the athlete as they strive toward their goals. To better guide the process, we have put together the following list of Roles Suggestions that ​Accountability Partners can take on.
One-way accountability is when family and friends hold the athlete accountable to their goals.

Two-way accountability is much more effective and happens when the athlete and their supporters are simultaneously striving for their goals and holding each other accountable!

​Here is a list of suggestions that non-athletes can use for their goals

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