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Twenty-One Tools
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RosterRecharge is a sports software platform that has over twenty tools to help your team become more united, productive and accountable.
Stats & Reports
The website provides detailed statistics about the weekly reports so others can easily see if the athlete is on track to reach desired milestones.
The Goal Progression Log
Our Goal Progression Log tool has athletes submit weekly reports that detail the exact steps they took to become a better student-athlete.
​No more hiding, we promote complete transparency.
The AutoPilot Program
We understand that coaches are busy. AutoPilot makes it ​QUICK and EASY to start using RosterRecharge by taking athletes through a five day curriculum that teaches them everything they need to know about utilizing RosterRecharge’s unique system.
Support Systems
Internal Accountability – ​All Team-members will have access to statistics, reports and summaries so they have the tools to hold the athlete accountable.
​External Accountability – Athletes are shown how to get their family, friends and other supporters involved.
Progression Incentives
If personal achievement and success isn’t enough motivation, RosterRecharge allows athletes to earn gear from top brands, mentorship from pro athletes, tickets to pro games, letterman patches, plaques and more! Most points are earned by paid subscriptions. 
Twenty-One Tools
The Goal 
The AutoPilot
Accountability Support
Automate Your Success 
Give your athletes the opportunity of a lifetime. Once you complete the Getting Started Steps 1 - 3, coaches will not need to continue monitoring or managing the program. ​We call this system 'AutoPilot' because it is meant to be self sufficient. If you do want to be involved, RosterRecharge has over 20 tools to help you Be Better Faster. ​
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